Production Program

Steel Constructions

We design, produce, deliver and install any type of steel structures as per your needs: constructions for halls and warehouses, constructures for refrigerators, roof structures, pedestrian crossings and bridges, pipe bridges, outdoor market structures, …


Thickness from 0.3mm to 15mm.
Shapes: round, square, elliptical, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, pearl shaped, combined forms, decorative and custom made holes.
Debossed and pocket openings, and more.

Expanded Metal

Rigid and lightweight expanded metal manufactured from:
• cold formed steel
• hot rolled stainless steel
• aluminium
• brass
• galvanized materials.

Walkway Grating

23 types of certified grid treads and 3 types of standard grid treads with a variety of applications in construction,  factories, mining, shipbuilding, warehouses, stairways, etc.
Manufactured per customer request with or without surface protection.

Metal Program for Residential Buildings

Design, manufacturing, delivery and installation of: balcony fences, railings, emergency staircases, air conditioner holders, decorative covers, and all other custom design requests.

Fences, Railings & Gates

Various types of metal fences and gates. Custom design for home backyards or company premises.

Metal Furniture

Uniquely designed metal furniture.
Metal parts for office furniture.
Custom size conference tables.
Unique metal wall decorations.

Special terms for large volume series.


From bus stops to home parking canopies with solar panels, we take all our experience in industrial steel construction manufacture and implement it into your project no matter how big or small.

Storage Racks & Shelves

  • Pallet racks for warehouses.
  • Cantilever racks for heavy loads.
  • Cold storage racks.
  • Racks for registers.
  • Lightweight archive shelves.
  • Metal shelves and stands.

Containers & Trash Cans

Industrial types of containers in different sizes. Trash containers for vehicles. Trash cans for streets and parks. Innovative designs and models.

Custom private label branding available.

Market Stands

Various types of market stands for indoor or outdoor use. With or without storage area. Can be combined with wood panels, plywood, recycled materials or plastic.

Various Metal Products

Hospital beds and chairs, kids playgrounds, outdoor gym equipment, equipment for refrigerators, bakery equipment, cable holders…